Lady Gaga took the iHeartRadio music festival by storm as she performed to a jam-packed show at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The singer’s one-hour set included stunning performances of her hits such as “Bad Romance,” “Judas” and “YoĆ¼ And I” as well as a surprise appearance by Sting, who joined Gaga on stage to sing “Stand by Me” and “King of Pain.”

Among the highlights of the show was Lady Gaga’s acoustic rendition of “Hair,” which she dedicated to her fan Jamey who committed suicide last week. “I know you’re up there looking at us, you’re not a victim, you’re a lesson to all of us,” she said. “I know it’s a bit of a downer, but sometimes the right thing’s more important than the music, let’s do this one for Jamey.”

Enjoy photos of Gaga’s performance here or click here to watch videos.


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