Actor Daniel Radcliffe, well known for playing Harry Potter in the movie franchise of the book of the same name, has spoken to MTV News about how he admires Lady Gaga and her work to support gay right’s advocacy. He admitted that his parents are fans of the “Born This Way” singer, and when asked whether he had met the singer, his reply was one that was not expected.

No, never, although my mom and dad, bizarrely, went to her concert. Like, my parents at a Lady Gaga concert, which I just think is the coolest, oddest thing … they’re ahead of me on most things pop culture.

The actor, who actively works in support of the LGBT community, also explained how he sees Lady Gaga’s support of the LGBT community in comparison to his own.

She’s very outspoken as well, and it’s just about being who you were born as. It’s wonderful that other people are coming out from all different spectrums. I mean, she has a slightly more flamboyant way of putting her point across than I would, and it suits her a lot better than it would me. But we’re both aiming for the same thing. But, no, I’ve never met her.

Source: MTV


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