Lady Gaga is one of the leading artists in terms of award nominations for this year’s Billboard Music Awards! She was nominated for a total of 11, but was only included in 10 categories since she was nominated for two awards in one category. Her nominations include the prestigious Top Artist award and Top Billboard 200 Album award for Born This Way. Here is the full list of categories she’s nominated in:

Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Social Artist, Top Digital Media Artist, Top Pop Artist, Top Dance Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album (Born This Way), Top Pop Album (Born This Way), and Top Dance Albums (Born This Way & The Fame)

Let’s hope Gaga wins a bunch! She deserves it, and who loves it that Gaga’s 2008 album The Fame is still being nominated for awards?


redlomo said...

kemampuan ladygaga memang tidak dinafikan lagi

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