When Lady Gaga announced the creation of the Born This Way Foundation back in November 2, 2011, her fans were abuzz with excitement and hope. With a fan base mostly filled with lonely, bullied, resilient teenagers, it's no wonder Gaga wanted to do something more for them other than singing and dancing on a stage. This organization is supposed to help inspire young people and to somehow prevent bullying.

But how can you prevent something that is so hard to define? Bullying is a very encompassing term that can cover verbal, cyber, and physical abuse. Many say that a little bullying toughens a kid up and the youth today needs a thicker skin. But when kids are committing suicide as a solution to being bullied, something is wrong with our society. However, you cannot ban something that is so broad in definition. How can this organization against bullying succeed, where others haven't have much progress? For starters, no other anti-bullying organization has a face quite like Gaga's. She has the brand and the means to get the point across.

So far, Lady Gaga hasn't given much insight into what the foundation is actually supposed to do but according to the Boston Herald, Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, are planning to officially launch the Foundation on February 29th at Harvard's Sanders Theater. There will be special guests and most importantly, Gaga will shed light on the rather vague idea that created the Foundation. The event will be co-hosted by her partners, Harvard Graduate School of Education and the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


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