Back in August, we introduced you to Glitter: The Fame Monster, a musical by Chris Melvin that has been pitched to Gaga’s management and, at the time, was awaiting feedback. Since then, it has been confirmed that management have said it is a “priority” and that Gaga herself will be reviewing it at a later date. The teaser video, “The Manifesto of Artistic Utopia” follows a mysterious character giving details of a world whose life and essence consists of creativity and art – that is, before the downfall and oppression caused by an entity known only as the Fame Monster.

Commenting on the video and the underground fan base the musical has been building, Chris said:

“People need to pay attention to the visual metaphors in the video: the heart being engulfed by the wine shows the risk of self-indulgence; the contrasts of light and darkness show the dangers of living a life of polarity. The video doesn’t sum up the world of Glitter at all – it’s so minimalist and I had no budget. A carpenter is nothing without his tools and a musical is nothing without a production; without Gaga. So be kind!

The response from the-hundreds of test reads has been phenomenal though. I have kids in high schools reading monologues and teachers saying how it’s the perfect way to get Gaga’s (and our) messages into academic teachings. That note in particular makes me think of the Jamey Rodemeyer incident – I just want to give Gaga another bullet of ammo in her war against hate. You need to generate, rather than emulate.

But whether or not Gaga can endorse it is not the point – it’s about “trying”. But I’m hanging on. I’m simultaneously writing a non-Gaga version (just in case!) and doing a Born This Way re-write. But who knows? Judging by the reviews I’ve had from the past month, Glitter will live on in some form – I promise you that.”

The “Dance in the Dark” Cracked Hands remix can be downloaded here; you can catch the “Alejandro” orchestration on the composer’s Youtube. Alyssa Szarkowski, the talented voice-actress from the video, can be found here. Be sure to follow the official GTFM Twitter and Facebook page for teaser scenes and more info!


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