In a recent chat with, Annie Lennox responds to the incessant allegations that Lady Gaga copied her by performing as Jo Calderone during the 2011 Video Music Awards last month. Check out what she had to say below:

Gaga makes incredible art. She’s exceptional. The parallel was obvious, but whether she was copying me or somebody else doesn’t make any difference. Women have been wearing men’s clothes for centuries. It’s a powerful thing when a woman wears something less feminine. It’s saying; you must look at me slightly differently, I’m not just going to be a sexual object for you. The only thing with Gaga is, she doesn’t move me. I see a lot of commerce in people’s lives; a lot of drive and ambition, but what I often feel is lacking is emotion.

It’s no secret that Annie is a fan of Gaga. She’s praised her her before on her blog, claiming that she was “totally entranced” by the singer, and that she is “the real deal”.

I have to say that I am completely entranced by Lady Ga Ga… She is completely off the scale on just about every level, and I’m just loving it! She has the most ENORMOUS stamina and chutzpah, to carry off her massive persona…and I can tell you, that it takes f……..g HOURS and a TEAM to make up and dress up on a daily incarnation like that!!! She’s amazing, innovative, out of the box, and ground breaking at every level! She has smashed the “cookie cutter” tedium, and brought it all into an entirely different level! I saw her giving an interview with Cyndy Lauper on the subject of Women and Aids..performing live at the piano with Elton, and she’s all over You Tube in all kinds of colors, shapes and forms. Wow!! She’s the real it love it!


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