- Gaga will be walking along a Highway during part of the video.
- The concept is that Gaga is walking all the way from New York to Nebraska to get her guy.
- Luc Carl will be in the Video.
- She will be walking along the highway in a winter costume and bloody feet.
- Yuyi will be in the video.
- Gaga will perform part of the video in a barn.
- The video took place in Nebrsaka, Springfield.
- The barn's light has been described by Gaga herself as 'God's Light'
- The video has been directed by The Haus of Gaga.
- The video is a short movie.
- The video has been described as very cinemagraphic.
- The video will be released in a few weeks.
- Gaga will come across a fork in the road and weird things begin to happen.

- In the video there will a Robo Gaga.
- The video is a continuation of the Paparazzi and Telephone videos.


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