Lady Gaga tops the Popdust 40, their list of the greatest pop stars in the world! Lady Gaga rang Popdust from her record label’s headquarters during yet another wave of promotion for her latest album, Born This Way. The world’s biggest pop star had been dutifully gabbing with media types all afternoon—she yucked it up with radio jocks in Omaha before this interview and with god-knows-who afterwards—and it spoke to her cheerful lust for fame and heroic devotion to show business that she threw herself into our conversation as if Oprah Fucking Winfrey were asking the questions. When she squealed her delight in being named the top star in the Popdust 40 (click here to see the full Popdust 40 list), the thought occurred that she might be as good an actor as she is a musical artist. Which is exactly the sort of snoozy dichotomy—art or commerce? pop or rock? meat or dress?–that Gaga seeks to obliterate. Stefani Germanotta is so fully committed to playing the part of Lady Gaga that she’s beyond fake. Popdust can pay no greater compliment.


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