Laurieann Gibson sat down with MTV to talk about Lady Gaga’s upcoming performance at this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Refusing to give away too many details about the opening performance, Laurieann did reveal what she hopes the fans will take away from the performance.

I hope that people take the fearlessness away. The notion that you don’t have to follow what is popular and that you can constantly take the opportunity and create a new understanding of music and performing. It could mean standing under one spotlight. It could mean tons of camels and belly-dancing girls. I don’t know. One is not necessarily better than the other. But it is about the artist. It’s about ‘Who’s the artist?’ So in that one moment, you have to take it and give it all you can.

The MTV Video Music Awards take place this Sunday, 28th August in Los Angeles (Malaysi Time: 29th August, 9AM). Keep checking back to Lady Gaga Malaysia over the next few days for the build up to the show!


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