After recording her duet with musical legend Cher on a song she wrote called “The Greatest Thing”, Lady Gaga took time during her appearance at MTV to talk about the song, which will appear on Cher’s upcoming album.

I wrote that song a long time ago, and I’ve never put it on one of my own albums for, really, no particular reason. I always write these concept records, and it just didn’t fit in. But it’s always been, like, this big, massive, beautiful hit record and everyone always says, ‘Why don’t you put that on your album?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, it just doesn’t fit with everything else.

Cher heard the song and loved it and wanted to do it together. And I said, ‘Fuck yeah, it’s Cher!

The song will be released in September, and is sure to be a smash!


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