Lady Gaga’s manager has revealed the singer is planning a lengthy tour of Australia. Troy Carter said Lady Gaga was inspired by Pink’s three month visit Down Under two years ago.

“We’re going to stay there for a while when we come,” Carter told The Music Network.

“We were over there when Pink was playing and it was a great lesson for us to learn. When you invest in a country like (Pink did), a country will invest in you. It wasn’t about Pink going over there and piling everyone into a few stadiums for a few nights. She went over there and lived there and became part of the culture.”

Australia was the first country to give Lady Gaga a No.1 single with Just Dance in 2008. While her next tour isn’t expected until 2012, Lady Gaga will visit Australia in July to promote new album Born This Way – which is released at the end of this month. Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, which started in 2009, finishes in Mexico this week.


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