Jays Jays have just announced via Facebook that new Lady Gaga tee’s will be arriving in store very soon. Hinting that the official collaboration with Lady Gaga’s team will be coming May 23rd with the album release.

Jay Jays: Ooh! The new Lady Gaga video is FINALLY out! Whatcha think? And to all you little monsters out there – TEES IN STORE SOON!!!
Customer: Are you guys going to have Lady Gaga tees?!?!?!?!?!? If so, will you have them in guys shirts as well as girls??????
Jay Jays: yup. guys tees are definitely happening.
Customer: When are the Gaga shirts coming? I think I’m going to cry. :L
Jay Jays: hrm. when is the new album out..? ;)
Jay Jays: Let’s just say it’s an official collaboration with Lady Gaga and her crew. So… ;)

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