Fuse TV have announced that starting May 17th, they are to have a Lady Gaga takeover that will last one week. They will play nothing but Lady Gaga for 24 hours and 7 days. Fuse have planned a lot of exciting opportunities for fans, which can be found on their Lady Gaga Facebook Tab, which you can access HERE.

Many opportunities are available on the Facebook page, including:

1. “Born This Way” photo submission: Upload images of themselves being “Born This Way,” which will be used in a video compilation that will air exclusively on Fuse during the Gagathon.

2. Have Fuse donate to charity on their behalf: Starting next Tuesday, tweet @FuseTV with the hashtag #fusemonster and tell everyone what they’re watching during the Gagathon; in turn Fuse will donate 10 cents Lady Gaga’s Robin Hood Charity (up to $100,000).

3. Monster’s Choice: Pick their favorite videos that will air on Fuse on Sunday, May 22.

4. Lady Gaga Stunt: View a live stream of a huge stunt that Fuse will be staging on Tuesday, May 17 at 1pm to announce the launch of the Gagathon.

Make sure to tune in little monsters, and to get involved! There will be many surprises throughout the take-over week!


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