A handful of Monsters showed up to Warner Bros Studio in Burbank, Ca in the morning of April 26, 2011 to try and catch a glimpse of Lady Gaga.
We caught more than just a glimpse. Ellen & Gaga saw us and gracious made room in the audience for the 12 of us monsters, which we dubbed “The Ellen Ball’s Little Monster Zone” and after watching her interview and watching her perform JUDAS 2x for the first time, we were then asked to leave when Gaga left.
Upon departure of leaving the studios we decided to stick around and wait to see if we could meet Gaga…After being talked to back and forth by security we waited a good 2 hours before they went home. We decided to get back to the gates just in time to see Gaga pull out in her SUV.
As we started hustling towards the SUV, the driver stopped and there she was in front of us. Gaga greeted us and began signing and taking pics. She spoke to Little Monster Stephanie on the PHONE! She said she was already planning on stopping for us because she knew we had been waiting for us since the AM (When she read my “JUDAS GETS ME WET” sign and blew us kisses)! She genuinely wanted to know how we felt about Judas and the performance and she asked us to candidly speak about it for GAGAVISION… LOL theres a whole play by play.. but u can just watch and see :)
This video isnt meant to entertain VISUALLY (bc its like The Blair Witch Project) but its meant to show how loving & gracious Lady Gaga is with her Little Monsters. Her interaction with us is PRICELESS! Qualities of a TRUE SUPERSTAR that cant be learned…cuz she was Born This Way!


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