Lady Gaga met a little monster, Amber Brown (@gagafanamber), a few nights ago at the Monster Ball in Miami! Check out their adorable picture above. Amber was gracious enough to send us a story about meeting Mother Monster:

"I met Gaga backstage after her Miami show. She was so nice. I was so excited to meet her that as soon as I did I got emotional. She immediately hugged me. I told her I’d been to 9 monster balls and how much I loved her. I also told her she looked pretty. She said I was sweet. She signed my 2010 Rolling Stone, which I told her was my favorite cover as she looks “badass” and she said just wait until I see the Born this Way album cover. I told her I was so excited for BTW and she said I wasn’t ready for it. One of her team took a picture of me with her and afterwards Gaga asked me if I wanted to check the picture on my camera and be sure it was o.k. that is how thoughtful she is. This is why I love her so much, not just for her music and performances but she truly loves all of us fans.

An amazing story, congratulations on getting your chance to meet Lady Gaga Amber. You both look BEAUTIFUL!


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