At the 2011 NewNowNext Awards, Lady Gaga was given the “Forever Always Next, Forever Now” award! Gaga was honored for being a pop-culture icon who never ceases to amaze or intrique fans with creative daring, innovative style, progressive prowess, boundary-busting talent and unpredictable glamour.

‘I remember that my disco stick fell off the stage, it almost didn’t turn on, and my mic almost fell off. Almost everything could have gone wrong except something very wonderful went right and that’s that I got to meet all of you. Thank you so much for believing in me, for supporting me. Thank you for presenting me with the Always Next, Forever Now award. I feel so privileged to know all of you, I feel so privileged to say that my first performance ever on American TV was on the NewNowNext Awards. I only wish I could be there myself but I couldn’t wait to send you this ‘thank you’ because I can’t say enough from the bottom of my heart how much you all mean to me. I will continue to fight for equality and I will continue to fight for all of you. I love you monsters and non-monsters.’

She was unable to attend the show but filmed an acceptance speech, watch it below:


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