Is "Glee" so gaga for Lady Gaga that they can’t contain "Born This Way" in their regular 60-minute slot? TV Line is reporting that the 40th episode of the hit show will most likely expand to 90 minutes! I can barely wait for April 19's return featuring Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly Holliday, but it’s the April 26 Gaga-centric episode that has me putting my paws up.

So what can we expect from the (likely) super-sized episode? Well, Quinn (Dianna Agron) has made it very clear that she sees herself as McKinley High’s next prom queen, but she will have some unforeseen competition…Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink)! Keeping with the "Born This Way" message of accepting yourself, Lauren will be busy challenging the traditional standards for what a prom queen should look like.

And Lauren won’t be the only one questioning appearances, as Rachel (Lea Michele) considers getting a nose job. I can only hope that she looks to her idols and decides against it!

In other (even more thrilling) news, TV Line also reports that Jonathan Groff is returning for the season's last three episodes! The reason for Jesse St. James' return is a bit spoilery, so head over to TV Line for the full scoop. All we can say is, THANK YOU RYAN MURPHY!

Are you pumped that New Directions will be taking on Gaga again? Are you super-excited the dreamy Jonathan Groff is returning? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

Source : Hollywoodcrush.MTV


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