Willow Smith has revealed that she turns to the A-List names in her life for advice and career guidance. The ten year old star, who is currently on tour with Justin Bieber, revealed her celebrity confidantes in an interview with UK radio station Kiss FM. 

Speaking yesterday (March 10) the 'Whip My Hair' star said that when she met lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards earlier this year the pair talked about Gaga's prosthetic shoulder implants. "We were talking about my outfit and her shoulders. She's awesome." revealed Willow.

However, when it comes to music there is only one man Willow turns to, and it isn't her Dad Will. No, Willow prefers the advice of her boss and mentor, Jay-Z. "Whenever I have a creative block, he's always like, 'Do what artists so when they have a block. Make a song about it.'"

Credit to Pop Dash


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