Lady Gaga has revealed some details about her upcoming studio album Born This Way in an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat. The singer confirmed that the new single would be released in February 2011, with the album arriving shortly after. “The album is finished and all,” she said. “It’s just fine-tuning everything.”

Gaga described the new album as “a marriage of electronic music with major, epic, dare I even say, metal or rock ‘n’ roll, pop, anthemic style melodies with really sledge-hammering dance beats.”

She also said that the lyrics are “more poetic” than her previous work: “It’s really written by the fans, they really wrote it for me because every night they’re funnelling so much into me. So I wrote it for them. Born This Way is all about my little monsters and me.”

Lady Gaga revealed she will come to the UK “between February and March 2011″ to debut the first single off the album on TV. Newsbeat


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