This year, Lady Gaga transcended music superstardom and became a genuine entertainment icon. To celebrate (and recreate) the Year in Gaga, Entertainment Weekly turned to another legendary, attention-seeking blond — Barbie — who could use some of Gaga’s signature bravado to spice up her good-girl image. For instance, how about Barbie accepting a VMA from Cher in a dress made of raw meat…?


  • The ”jail” is actually an overturned plastic milk crate.
  • The hair for Barbie Gaga’s dress was made from real hair extensions, using human hair. (No humans were harmed in the making of this photo.)
  • The graduation image was shot on location at the actual NYC high school where Gaga attended the graduation.
  • A hairstylist took scissors to doll BeyoncĂ© to give her bangs, matching the singer’s look in the video. (The yellow eye makeup comes from a marker).
  • The police tape is strips of a yellow rain poncho with ”Crime Scene: Do Not Cross” handwritten in marker.
  • Prop stylists used dental floss to tie the meat onto Barbie’s feet.
These dolls are EPIC, don’t you think monsters?!?! Tell us your thoughts in the comment box!


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