Whether it’s sleek chic or cyberfantasy, silver-screen Hollywood glamour or Holly Woodlawn camp, whether it’s East End edge or East Egg flapper dazzle, from head (artful marcel waves, tumbled-out-of-bed tousle, or candy-floss high-rise) to toe (ballet slippers with dirndls or platforms with ball gowns), the ten individualists whom Vogue celebrates as the Best Dressed of 2010 are gamely rewriting the rules. Or rather, showing us all that there are no rules beyond staying true to oneself.
Below you can see the whole chart and by clicking the link you can see the profile that Vogue.com made about GaGa.

  1. Blake Lively
  2. Marion Cottillard
  3. Michelle Obama
  4. Jessica Biel
  5. Alexa Chung
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker
  7. Liya Kebede
  8. Carey Mulligan
  9. Shala Monroque
  10. Lady Gaga


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