The singer was at the Bikram Yoga Studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side where she worked out with owner Tricia Donegan (pictured with GaGa).
“I had her put on one of my ‘drop’ shirts,” Donegan, 39, said. Bikram yoga features practitioners doing poses in temperatures of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Gaga – a former student at the school when she was at university – left Tricia a note at the end, which read:
“Tricia, Thank you so much for today. Lately I’ve been kicking ass in yoga, but I’m excited to embark on an even deeper journey with you. You are such an inspiration. I will be back soon. W more hydration + sleep. Yoga heals me + so do you. Love, Lady Gaga.”
She made the trip in September 2010 but the photos have only just surfaced.


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