Nelly Furtado is impressed by the current crop of female singers and thinks girls are “taking over” again.

The Maneater singer – who releases her greatest hits album Best Of Nelly Furtado this week – said of her peers: “There are a lot of good women out there doing their best and working really hard.

“Rihana, Katy Perry and I think Lady GaGa’s changed the business – she’s amazing. She’s reminded people that performance can be so much more, so many different levels. She’s a true art lover.”

“I think it’s all about role models,” she added to Stylist magazine, “if you have good role models you’re fine and in my house my mother made the decisions.”

Nelly continued: “For sure I think women are having this renaissance. We’re taking over again, like hundreds of years ago before the witch-hunts!

Source: OMGMusic


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