"I’ve been wanting to make a Gaga MegaMix for a long time now. It was a very daunting task, one that I don’t think I was entirely ready for until now. After working on The Very Mary Kate MegaMix and the LiveActs MegaMix for hitRECord, I knew that I could do this! It took me three days to complete. I spent one day just slicing and glitching up samples and seeing how they fit together. Day 2 was creating the song structure, and then Day 3 was really editing and working out the kinks.
As usual, I like to set parameters for the mixes I’m going to create. It’s how I challenge myself. I don’t use any VSTs for my mixes. All of the glitches, chops, stutters and pitch shifts are done manually. I feel I have more control this way. Plus, I like getting my hands dirty. Also, when I did the LiveActs MegaMix for hitRECord, I chose to ONLY use samples of the songs I was given, and not add any of my own beats or music. This makes it more challenging to find the pieces that will really work together, and I feel it keeps some of the original integrity of the songs I’m working with. So, I did the same thing for the Gaga MegaMix. I only sampled her songs. Nothing in this mix came from anywhere but one of her songs."


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