It seems Bruce Willis is a little too inspired by Lady Gaga—the bald actor gave a new meaning to the term ‘meathead’ when he showed off his toupee on Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night.

Letterman took the joke in stride, joking, "You've, uh, you've dyed your hair?"reports the New York Daily News

Willis responded cooly, "No, this is all natural." He went on in dry humour, "It's 100 per cent ground beef sirloin. Top shelf, organic."

Willis assured Letterman that he hadn't sacrificed his personal hygiene in donning his latest raw fashion.

"Showering, not a problem. Lather, rinse, repeat . . . tenderize. You gotta give it a little rub," the actor joked.

Then, inevitably, Willis salted and peppered his head, handed Letterman a fork, and told him to "dig in . . . carefully." After a bite, Letterman was seen running back stage to spit it out.

The actor was on Late Show to promote his upcoming film, Red, which opens in theaters Oct. 15.


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