‘So I wake up in the morning and I feel black on the inside so I will wear black, have my hair high above my head with a puppet lobster stuck in the centre of it. If I feel really light, happy and beautiful I’ll wear something very colourful with rainbows and sparkles and have messy eyeliner and wear my hair like Peggy Moffitt. It really depends on what the day is…’

Look at the countless forums on the internet. The constant criticism and/or adulation for Gaga’s fashion sense. But what is often ignored by both the pro and the anti factions is that Gaga’s sense of style is not a distraction, camouflage or an adjunct to the music she creates, it is as equally important as the way she sounds and carries equal weight. It could be the weight of a lobster on her head today – and she will often talk about the value of something being ‘whimsical’, like a chic pre-war Lady with a penchant for Schiaparelli but make no mistake, this is no mere accident.

‘The clothing, the hair and the hats… when you are not part of that world the public can look at my love of fashion, my love of clothing and theatre as something disingenuous, as something of a mask that I could hide behind,’ says Gaga today in the middle of her strenuous world tour with all of its countless costume changes, a whirlwind of interviews and photo opportunities. And yet, even in her downtime – and I have seen it, in a distinctly untrendy East End pub feeding families Sunday lunch with no paparazzi in sight – Gaga’s sense of fashion is always ON. It is who she is.

‘There was this group of people in the fashion industry like Nick Knight, Nicola Formichetti, McQueen, Mr Armani and some of my other friends,’ she could go on, she has plenty of other high fashion supporters in that world. ‘Who saw the genuineness of what I was doing. Not the disingenuousness at all, but the liberation in that sort of work. What I love is the way it sets me free and the way I want my fans to be set free by it too. That was the most difficult fight for me in the beginning, and it still is a fight. It is a fight for the work every day, but I am unwavering in what I believe about my work and what I do because it is genuine. It is not disingenuous, it’s not a farce it is not artifice it is part of who I am and it is something that I want to share with everyone.’


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