Lady Gaga is going to be the next big name in line to get a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in order to immortalize the outrageous popstar.

The eccentric singer will have her wax figure debuted at the New York Madame Tussauds location, while various other locations will contain wax figures of Gaga as well, reports PopEater. In order to make multiple Gagas happen, the museum will be spending a reported $1.5 million on the endeavor.

It has not yet been revealed which other locations the other Gagas will appear at, but Madame Tussauds now has locations at Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Hollywood, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, New York, Shanghai and Washington, D.C.


Zér SeVenthSon said...

mw d bt patungnya!!...good job!!...jgn lpa c masok gmbr patungnya tOo

Prince Alberto Alejandro said...

bha , ok :)

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